Supplier Information

JHCPB is committed to supporting local businesses for the benefit of the project and the local community.

An industry ‘match-making’ program is helping to connect small and medium businesses to major projects such as WestConnex Rozelle Interchange project. The Industry Capability Network which runs the program is funded by the NSW Government through NSW Trade and Investment.

JHCPB is looking to engage a range of trades including electricians, plumbers, truck drivers, concreters, mechanics and surveyors and specialist contractors. Below is a list of packages being sought by the project. All works, and detailed scopes when issued, are to be carried out to the applicable publicly available RMS specifications.

Businesses can register their interest for free by submitting the Subcontractor Questionnaire and identifying the relevant packages of interest to Bradley Schapiro, Senior Commercial Manager, Rozelle Interchange project at

Supply Packages

Healthy Snack Food and Drink Vending Machines

Labour Hire

Permanent Power (Provisional Sum)

Permanent Power Delivery

Construction Power (Provisional Sum)

Install of Underbore under Sydney Light Rail Corridor

Early Works Plant Hire (Wet)

FRP WHT Bridge - Concrete Elements

M4 FRP - Capping Beams & Wakers

Hire of Spoil Treatment Plant

Rock bolt - Supply and Install

Concrete Crack Repair

Concrete / Shotcrete Testing - Third Party

Demolish existing Syd Trains Switching Station

Building - Park amenities building at MOC3

Building - Shaft K Structure

Building - Shaft C Structure

Building - MOC 3 Cladding to Shafts & Toilet

ITS Install - MOC2

Ground Imporvement - CIC supply and Install

Expansion Joint Supply

FRP WHT - C&C Concrete Elements

Ground Imporvement - Grout Curtain supply and Install

Temporary Lighting - Supply and Install (M4 C&C)

Temporary Ventillation - Supply and Install (M4 C&C)

Alimak Supply, Install & Hire

Temporary Lighting - Supply and Install (Vent facility)

Temporary Ventillation - Supply and Install (Vent facility)

FRP M4 - Fire Protection Slab

Temporary Lighting - Supply and Install (M5 C&C)

Temporary Ventillation - Supply and Install (M5 C&C)

FRP Vent Shafts - Insitu Concrete Elements

Stormwater Drainge Installation


Electrical Works - Supply and Install

Ventillation Works - Supply and Install

Internal Handrail - Supply and Install

RSW Wall Supply (M5 C&C)

RSW Wall Install (M5 C&C)

RSW Wall Supply (WHT C&C)

RSW Wall Install (WHT C&C)

Temporary Flood Wall - Supply and Install

Structural Steel - Supply and Install

Blockwork - Supply and Intsall (M5 C&C)

Handrail - Supply and Install (M5 C&C)

Vent Shaft - Structural Steel Supply & Install

Blockwork - Supply and Intsall (M4 C&C)

ITS & Deluge Installation

Temporary Lighting - Supply and Install (WHT C&C)

Temporary Ventillation - Supply and Install (WHT C&C)

Piling - Stage 2 (Vic. Road Bridge secant piles)

Piling - Stage 3 (M4 WB C&C)

Temporary Lighting - Stage 2

FRP In-Situ Concrete Retaining Walls (inc underpass extension)

FRP Victoria Road Bridge

FRP WB C&C and Dive

FRP EB C&C and Dive

FRP SUP Bridges Permanent

Bridge Bearing Supply

Bridge Expansion Joint Supply

Supply Super-T Concrete Girders for Victoria Road Bridge

Supply Precast Wall Panels

Bridge Misc Steel - Twin Rails, throw screen and Handrails

SUP Bridge - Steel Box Girder and Stair Supply and Install

SUP Bridge - Stainless Steel Throw Screen Supply and Install

SUP Bridge - Temporary Jack Supply and Install

Bridges - Temporary Steelwork

Sheet Piling

Anchors (B114 and R64)


Blockwork Supply and Install

Scaffolding Supply and Install

Architectural Panels Supply and Install

Waterproof Membrane Supply and Install

Supply and Install Lighting and ITS

C&C Pit Supply

Drainage Installation Underbore

CRCP Pavements

Asphalt Supply and Install

FRP Concrete Barriers

Crash Cushion Supply and Install - Temporary

Crash Cushion Supply and Install - Permanent

FRP Footpath and Medians



Sign Gantry Structures Supply and Install

Permanent Signage

BR52 - Temporary Steel Supply for Bridge over Creek

Rail Protection officer

Pipe Repairs

ACO Drains supply

FRP RW 12 (Excluding Piling)

Regulatory Signage Supply and Install

Sand Stone Block Supply

Gabion Basket Supply and Install

Large Pump System Hire and Design

Brick/ Block layers

HDD drilling (horizontal directional drilling)

Protection Officer

JC Decaux Street Furniture (Bus Stops)

Marine craft & equiment hire

Quarry Materials

Dewatering pump & system hire, (attendance optional.)

Sheet Pile Supply

Sheet Pile Install

RSW Wall Design, Supply and Deliver

RSW Install

RSW Quarry Materials incl Rip Rap

Piling (Stage 2 onwards)

Ground Improvement Works

FRP All Bridges (excl Stage 1)

Temporary Works Hire for Stage 1 Bridges

Permanent Formwork Supply

Landscape contractor. Supply soil, install plants & maintain.

Electric Lighting & power. Supply & install, Earth & bond.

Supply of Whites Creek & Utility Bridge Planks

Supply of Bridge Planks (excl Utility Bridge)

Supply and deliver drainage bridge planks

Supply of Precast Landbridge troughs / table tops

FC Sheeting Supply

Precast Transfloor Supply

Elastomeric Bearing Supply - LB Ramp and Utility Bridge (PO)

Elastomeric Bearing & Expansion Joints Supply - Remaining

Minor Steelwork - Utilities Bridge

Supply and Deliver Steel Fabricated Girders - BR53 (Landbridge)

Supply and Deliver Steel Fabricated Girders - BR54 (Horseshoe)

Supply and Deliver Steel Fabricated Girders - PAC-2

Welding Inspector

Coating Inspector

Oversize Transport Subcontractor

Jacking Equipment Supply

Scaffolding - General

Supply & Deliver Temporary Steelwork

Design & Supply Pot Bearings

Design & Supply Spherical Bearings

Supply Precast Parapets / Kerbs

Supply Traffic Rails

Safety Screen / Pedestrian Barrier Rail Supply

Bridge Name Plates, Cover Plates, Misc Steel

Supply of Bridge Drainage Pipes and Scuppers

Surface Treatment for Bridge Decks

Bridge Lighting & Electrical Works


Sandstone Block Supply

Supply Quarry Materials for Rip Rap

Secant Pile Wall - Pigtail Bridge


Landscaping (Main)


FRP Cut & Cover Part 2 (Remaining FRP)

Precast Parapets

HSO1 - Civil & Structural

ITS Supply and Install

ITS & Signage Structure Foundations

Architectural panels


HSO1 - Finishes

RW4 Fencing & Handrail

FRP Retaining Walls 1 & 2, Capping Beams & Barriers

Structural Steelwork

Concrete Pavements

FRP Vent Stack


Property Retaining Wall Works

Vent Stack Steel Works

Single Bulk Head With No Doors

Wirtgen S1900 Gravel Paver (inc Refurb) - Supply

Water Truck New

Street Sweeper

Surface Miner

Schaeff Loader


Concrete Conveyor, Curing Bridge, Triple Roller Tube Paver


Cross passage Fan

Temp hire and refurb fans for Breakthroughs

Underground Sanitation Pumpout

Tunnel Back End Works Survey

Stormwater Drainage (Back End Works installation)

Pits (Back End Works supply)

Pipes (Back End Works supply)

Shaft C Construction

In Tunnel Concrete Invert

Tyre Supply

Site C - Overhead Protective Steel Fabrication

HDPE Pipes

Supply of HV Cable

Supply - Variable Speed Drives

Supply of Cable Ladder

Supply of Distribution boards

Supply of LV Cable

Supply of LV Switchgear

Supply of Mounting Brackets and Supports

Supply of Lighting (Exit & Emergency)

Supply of Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS)

Tunnel Electrical Installation - Contractor 1

Tunnel Electrical Installation - Contractor 2

LV Cable Installation

HV Cable Installation

Sump Pump Room Electrical Installation

Supply - Ventilation Attenuators

Supply - Ventilation Air Quality and Velocity Monitoring

Supply - Ventilation Steel & Supports

Supply - Wet Fire Deluge System

Supply - Wet Fire Fire Water Tank

Supply - Wet Fire Hydrant System

Supply - Wet Fire MOV and Manifold

Supply - Wet Fire Pumps

Mechanical Water Treatment Plant

Ventilation Fan Room Mechanical Installation - Contractor 1

Ventilation Fan Room Mechanical Installation - Contractor 2

Jet Fans Installation

Mechanical Ventilation Tunnel MVAC - Contractor 1

Mechanical Ventilation Tunnel MVAC - Contractor 2

Supply & Install - Dry Fire Materials, LHD Tunnel and Point Dection and Valve Monitoring

Dry Fire Sealing - Supply and Install - Contractor 1

Dry Fire Sealing - Supply and Install - Contractor 2

Wet Fire Install (Fire Supression)

Supply & Install - Fire Pump Room

Tunnel Air Monitoring System - Install

Design and Supply of Emergency Equip Cabinets (MEEPS & FEEPS)

Supply - Mechanical Supports

Fire Doors and Vehicle Passage Doors - Supply & Install

Sump Room Works - Supply & Install

Supply - Comms Cables

Supply - Driver Advisory Signs

Traffic Control Plans

Supply - Fibre Cables

Supply - TMCS / PMCS / MNCS & PLC Cabinets

Smart Motorways

Backbone Fibre Cable Install - Contractor 1

Backbone Fibre Cable Install - Contractor 2

Supply - Surface ITS Equipment

Traffic Loops

Completion Connect

Surface ITS - Install

Substation Installation - Contractor 1

Substation Installation - Contractor 2

Electrical Room (EER) Installation - Contractor 1

Electrical Room (EER) Installation - Contractor 2

In Pavement Lights and Movable Medians

Freight Forwarding - Logistics


Vendor Design & Misc Consultants

Diaphragm Wall Crack Injection (Vent Facility)

Vent Shaft - Cladding & Green Wall (Vent Facility)

Blockwork - Supply and Intsall (WHT C&C)

Alimak Supply, Install & Hire (Vent Facility)

Stormwater Drainge Installation (Vent Facility)

Blockwork - Supply and Intsall (Vent Facility)

Structural Steel - Supply and Install (Vent Facility)

Access Stairs - Supply and Install (Vent Facility)

Supply & Install Fire Water Tanks - MOC2

Piling Works - Building Works (MOC2)

FRP MOC2 - Concrete Elements

Blockwork Masonary MOC2 - Supply & Install

Water Treatment Plant - Supply & Install (MOC2)

Drainage Install - MOC2

ITS Install - MOC2

Install Kerb & Gutter - MOC 2

Building - Door and Door Frames (MOC2)

Building - Door Hardware (MOC2)

Building - Façade (MOC2)

Building - Fencing (MOC2)

Building - Maintenance Building Fitout (MOC2)

Building - Glazed Windows (MOC2)

Building - Metal Louvres (MOC2)

Building - Painting (MOC2)

Building - Rendering (MOC2)

Building - Resilient Flooring (MOC2)

Building - Roller Shutter (MOC2)

Building - Roof Safe System (MOC2)

Building - Metal Roofing (MOC2)

Building - Tiling (MOC2)

Building - Building Certifier (MOC2)

Building - Structural Steel Supply & Install (MOC2)

Building - Supply & Installation of Passanger Lift (MOC2)

Building - Hydraulics - Civil (MOC2)

Building - Electrical Works (MOC2)

Building - Mechanical Works (MOC2)

Vent Shaft - Irrigation Supply and Install (Vent Facility)

ITS & Deluge Installation (Vent Facility)

CIC - Ground Improvement - Terraces (Vent Facility)

Supply Concrete Pipes (Open Channel)

Supply Precast Pits (Open Channel)

Demolition of Exisitng Culvert (Open Channel)

Grouting of Temporary Drianage Lines (Open Channel)

Drainage Installation (Open Channel)

Rock Lined Drainage Channel - Supply & install (Open Channel)

FRP Concrete Drainage Channel - Supply & install (Open Channel)

Terrace Construction - Supply & Install (Vent Facility)

Roof Handrail & Fencing - Supply & Install (Vent Facility)

RRY Parkland Street lights (Landscaping & finishes)

Landscaping - Suppy Trees (Landscaping & finishes)

Landscaping - Supply & Installation (Landscaping & finishes)

Water Supply & irrigation (Landscaping & finishes)

Signage Supply (Landscaping & finishes)

Signage Installation (Landscaping & finishes)

Public Domain Elements - Supply (Landscaping & finishes)

Public Domain Elements - Installation (Landscaping & finishes)

Sandstone Terrace Retaining Wall - Supply & Install (Landscaping & finishes)

Synthetic grass Playing Fields - Supply & Install (Landscaping & finishes)

Fencing - Supply & Installation (Landscaping & finishes)

Balustrade - Supply & Install (Landscaping & finishes)

FRP - Concrete Footpaths & Stairs (Landscaping & finishes)

Paving - Supply & Install (Landscaping & finishes)

Broadwalk - Supply & Install (Landscaping & finishes)

Bioretention basins - Supply & Install (Landscaping & finishes)

Supply of Precast Barrier/Parapets (Global)

ITS Installation (Bridges - M5 & WHT)

Supply of Double Rail Steel Barrier (Bridges - M5 & WHT)

FRP M5 Bridge - Concrete Elements (Bridges - M5 & WHT)

Portal Façade M5, Vent Station & WHT , M4 - Supply & Install (Global)

Throw Screens S&I (Global)

Slipform Kerbing (Global)

Tunnel Painting (Global)

M4 Root Slab Columns (Global)

Ground Improvement - CIC supply and Install (M5 C&C Specific)

FRP Vent Building - Concrete Elements (Vent Facility Specific)

NM5 FRP Headstocks, Deck Slabs and Beams