Deliveries for the Rozelle Rail Yard sites are to be made to Gate R-02 on the Crescent. Drivers can contact security at Gate R-02 on UHF 18.



Gate R-02 is for deliveries to the following Rozelle Interchange Project sites:

Tunnel Site A

Tunnel Site B

Tunnel Site C

M5 Cut and Cover

M4 Cut and Cover

Victoria Road East

All couriers/delivery drivers will be stopped and non-inducted drivers will be required to do the Delivery Driver Induction as per the project rules. Drivers will be given instructions on how to reach their destination.

A UHF radio and amber beacon are required to drive on site. A beacon can be obtained from Gate R-02 upon entry but must be returned to Gate R-02

Please arrive at site with your Rozelle Interchange contact’s name and phone number.

This entrance is not open to pedestrians and/or non-delivery vehicles.

The speed limit on site is 10km/h and is strictly enforced.

Drivers must be in full PPE if they intend to exit the vehicle. See below: