Workforce Skills and Development

Engagement and retention of a diverse, skilled, and sustainable workforce

Project Targets
  • 59 Apprentices
  • 133 Trainees
  • 8 Graduates
  • 8 Undergraduates
  • 3% Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander employees
  • 7% Women in Non-Traditional Roles (JHCPB direct employees only)
  • 5% Women in Senior Leadership Positions (JHCPB direct employees only)
  • 5 Job Seeker Placements
  • 14 Programs to Support Aboriginal and Small to Medium Business (SME)

Infrastructure projects have the potential to support increased workforce capability and capacity, reduce skills shortages and provide local sustainable employment. JHCPB continues to focus on implementing the objectives of the RIC Project Training Management Plan through inductions, training, apprenticeships and traineeships programs, and continued engagement with local schools, universities and RTOs.  The Project also continues to drive diversity within the workforce through the employment, retention and skills development of Aboriginal people and Women in Non-Traditional Roles.

JHCPB has delivered a total of 89,663 training hours PTD and employed the below demographics:

  • 5588 Greater Western Sydney residents
  • 45 apprentices and 47 trainees from GWS
  • 158 local employees
  • 265 aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • 30 people with disability or requiring workplace adjustment
  • 558 women in Non-Traditional Roles
  • 15 women in Senior Leadership Roles