Social Procurement

Driving social outcomes through spending

Project Targets
  • $34 million spend with Aboriginal Certified Business
  • Prioritise local suppliers from Greater Western Sydney and NSW
  • 5% local procurement (Project Nominated Target)

JHCPB is committed to using its purchasing power to generate social value above and beyond the value of the goods and services being procured.

The high demand for materials in construction has a significant effect on future availability of natural resources as well as a direct effect on the emissions produced during transport to site and a significant impact on the local economy.

In line with our Procurement Policy, JHCPB is committed to procuring goods and services in an efficient, effective, ethical and sustainable manner. This means:

  • Preferencing local suppliers around, or close to, the Project or within the state/ region
  • Prioritising Aboriginal supply via Supply Nation
  • Ensuring procurement considers environmental, social and economic aspects through non-cost multi-criteria analysis
  • Stimulating innovation within our supply chain
  • Rewarding and promoting exemplary subcontractor/ supplier performance

JHCPB continues to engage with concrete suppliers to develop and trial low carbon concrete mixes within temporary works, whilst collaborating with the Client, TfNSW, to accelerate a pathway for permanent works implementation of low carbon concrete technologies. JHCPB also continues to investigate alternative materials to virgin sand and steel mesh, reaching 43% cement replacement in concrete.

JHCPB has executed contracts 663 contracts in total, 656 with Australian companies, 503 with NSW based companies, 232 from Greater Western Sydney and 34 local companies (IWC and CoS). The Project also reached 66% of the targeted spend with Aboriginal business and met the 5% local procurement target. JHCPB expects to meet the APIC target by Q4 2021.