Diversion from landfill

Project Targets
  • 80% Beneficial reuse or recycling of all usable spoil (excluding contaminated materials e.g. ACM)
  • 80% Construction and demolition waste (inert and non-hazardous) reused or recycled

Construction and demolition waste represent one third of all waste sent to landfill in NSW. JHCPB’s efforts focus on reducing the Project’s contribution to landfill by recovering and reusing waste materials (on site and off site) as much as practicable.

From the commencement of construction to March 2020, JHCPB has diverted 10,773 tonnes of construction waste from landfill and reused 285,800 tonnes of spoil. Project spoil has been beneficially reused on site for civil works and at various approved offsite reuse sites, such as The Northern Roads Project.

JHCPB is currently investigating the use of recycled materials in concrete. These include:

  • Crushed waste glass as replacement to virgin sand
  • Recycled polypropylene fibres (Emesh) in lieu of steel reinforcement in non-structural concrete elements