Investigation of ideas that add value to design and construction



JHCPB continues to explore opportunities to reduce the embodied energy of construction materials, reduce water and energy consumption, source alternative materials and products, promote value engineering and innovative construction methods, whilst providing value for money and delivering a positive social legacy for the Inner West.


During the review period, JHCPB investigated the following innovations across the design and construction phases:

  • Use of low carbon concrete in lieu of OPC within pavements including the use of Emesh in replacement of traditional steel reinforcement (R53)
  • Use of recycled crushed glass sand in concrete and bedding materials
  • Implementation of bespoke software system for spoil tracking
  • Paperless M&E commissioning program
  • Integrated operational recycled water system
  • Dry-flo® fire deluge commissioning
  • PPE recycling programs
  • Digital community notifications
  • WiFi functionality in tunnel plant to minimise power usage
Innovation Case Studies