Electricity and fuel consumption

Project Targets
  • 20% Construction energy sourced from renewables (or GreenPower)
  • 6% Operational energy sourced from renewables (or GreenPower)
  • 20% energy reduction over the Project lifecycle

Tunnelling operations are the most energy intensive stage of the lifecycle of a tunnel asset due to the significant amount of electricity required for lighting, signing, emergency services, drainage, deluge and ventilation systems. JHCPB is committed to exploring opportunities for energy reduction through the use of energy efficient equipment during operations and the investigation of onsite renewable power generation. From April 2019 to March 2020, the Project consumed 1.2% of the total estimated electricity demand during construction. This is reflective of tunnelling plant running on diesel generators for the review period as mains power was not yet connected. The largest user of energy throughout the project lifecycle is operations, and therefore the greatest opportunity to implement significant reductions. As part of detailed design, JHCPB will investigate the following initiatives to reduce energy consumption during operations:

  • Use of LED lighting in the tunnel transition zones
  • Optimised ventilation design
  • Optimised drainage design
  • Solar PV panels on operational buildings/facilities